SSI and Tundra announce partnership enabling large part production in MIM with new feedstock system

July 19, 2021

SSI and Tundra announce partnership enabling large part production in MIM with new feedstock system

SSI Sintered Specialties, a diverse metallurgical solutions provider, and Tundra Technologies LLC, a leading polymer additives, coatings, and composites company, today announced a partnership that will enable high volume production of large, complex metal injection molding (MIM) components. Beginning immediately, SSI will operate as the preferred production partner of parts made with Tundra’s Dynamik® materials platform, including metal composite feedstocks and powders.

By leveraging SSI’s metallurgical production expertise and Tundra’s successful track record in coating materials, customers can produce larger and more complex parts previously not possible in MIM.

“It takes a strong partnership between dedicated materials and engineering experts to solve the challenging obstacles that are present in the injection molding space today,” said Paul Hauck, Chief Operating Officer at SSI Sintered Specialties. “Partnering with Tundra, a company with a background in leveraging advanced technical insights to reinvent what’s possible, advances our strategy to design and produce MIM components with properties and possibilities that the market has never seen before.”

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With traditional MIM materials, the uncertainty of isotropic shrinkage significantly increases with larger parts, often creating high part variability, low dimensional stability and expensive material processing. These obstacles have kept most MIM components around the size of 25 grams or less. Dynamik® offers high particle concentration materials that can be processed on established equipment which enables large, complex part production in MIM – including part sizes greater than 100 grams. Other beneficial material characteristics include:

  • High dimensional stability, producing near-wrought properties and reduced part variability
  • Average isotropic shrinkage of 6-8%, compared to traditional shrinkage of 16-20%
  • Improved particle packing – up to 87% by volume – allows for lower sintering temperatures and improved isotropic characteristics
  • Competitively priced powders and feedstocks in multiple alloys

“MIM has had a successful history in delivering very complex metal parts for demanding applications, but its scope has been limited to small parts,” Hauck said. “Our partnership with Tundra enables us to address a broader range of applications that were not economically possible with traditional MIM operations, expanding how our customers can leverage the technology for their applications.”

SSI’s growing Technology Center offers the largest capacity of high temperature sintering in North America and continues to grow its investments in MIM technology through new talent and equipment. SSI recently announced the addition of an ELNIK high temperature refractory metal lined vacuum furnace and an Arburg automated molding press to its fleet of MIM equipment, offering customers the metallurgical expertise needed to lead the development of non-traditional MIM applications.

This partnership reinforces SSI’s commitment to market diversification as a crucial element of its growth strategy to bring new technology to a range of markets, applications and customers. With Tundra’s specialty additives and composite materials expertise, SSI offers a scalable approach to large volume MIM production with greater dimensional control and large part size possibilities at a competitive cost.

SSI is actively exploring new application opportunities that will benefit from Tundra’s Dynamik® materials platform. For more information on this partnership or to request a quote, please email

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Tundra Technologies and its affiliates provide revolutionary new specialty additive and composite materials along with world-class expertise in polymer processes and applications development that deliver an unrivaled combination of performance and value. Tundra’s proprietary additive, TundraKoat™, enables loading of extremely high concentrations of particles (up to over 80% by volume) – metals, fibers, minerals – into many different polymer systems.  The result is a polymer composite or a particle with unique properties and processing capabilities enabling materials that are stronger, heavier, lighter, magnetic, insulative, conductive, sinterable, and recyclable while remaining cost competitive.

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